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Printing & Embroidery Services Terms of Use

10.3 Variation in Artwork. Artwork created by Embroidery, Screen printing and/or Fabrication, and/or Custom Framing Services can be changed at any point in time, and/or user hereby acknowledges and is fully bound by and is fully complies by such altered terms at his or her sole and unfettered discretion. All altered Terms of Use are governed by the United States Federal Trademark Law and will apply to all users of the Services. Any User who violates the Terms of Use may be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of such breach.

The above-mentioned variations in Terms of Use and/or alterations will not affect any contractual agreements between you and your chosen Printing & Embroidery services. Further, such variations will not preclude you from receiving your orders.

Additional terms and conditions of use will be included with each Services' Terms of Service or will be available through any contact information provided with the Website. All such terms will apply to your use of the Services, and you should always read them carefully before agreeing to them. Some of the additional terms and conditions of use will provide for additional payment options. You should review the Terms of Use for your particular Printing & Embroidery Services at before you agree to them.

Most Embroiderers will include with their Terms of Service a section that provides for a "non-exclusive license," which allows you to modify and otherwise change certain parts of the Service to suit your needs. Such "modifications" may involve changes to the Services, products, or ordering procedures.

Additional terms and conditions of use will also include provisions to protect your interests, and these provisions should be read carefully before you enter into any agreement with your chosen this st. petersburg printing company. If you become injured or ill, then your chosen Printing & Embroidery Services will have provisions in place to provide you with monetary compensation.

All Terms of Use will have an expiration date; any part of the Terms of Use that has not been fully and completely fulfilled at the end of the applicable term of the contract will automatically terminate and all further use of that service will be void. Any user of the Services who, violates any of the Terms of Use, or who, may be held liable for any damages resulting from such violation. Read more about printing at

Your use of the Services is subject to the Privacy Policy, which should be reviewed carefully before signing anything else. The Privacy Policy will restrict the Printing & Embroidery Services from collecting personal information from your users. This Policy also describes how you are allowed to contact the Printing & Embroidery Services. It will allow you to contact the Printing & Embroidery Services if they fail to deliver a specific order.

The Printing & Embroidery Services also use cookies or other tracking software to measure the success of their online order fulfillment process. They will collect the information associated with the Order Submission or Customer's Name and Order Number and will use this information to help improve their online order fulfillment, as well as to track the success rate of their online order fulfillment.

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